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Vinyl Records Scotland - a quick, easy record buying service that comes to your doorSell your records to Vinyl Records Scotland - mobile record buying service
Tom Fisher of Vinyl Records Scotland a unique record and CD buying serviceSell your records to Vinyl Records Scotland - mobile record buying service

Hello, I'm Tom Fisher of vinyl records scotland -

A unique country wide vinyl record buying service that's quick, easy and collects from you.

Tom Fisher of Vinyl Records Scotland  - a record dealer since 1988

deal with an expert...

I've been a record dealer since 1988 (that is a proper job by the way...). I started on street markets, then record fairs. I've had 4 record shops in London 1992-2022 - see RatRecords website and Facebook until I relocated to Scotland for a bit of peace - but I'm still travelling all over the UK buying collections. I love it!

Based in Glasgow, I'm frequently travelling around Scotland in my trusty camper van, visiting family or on holiday. So now I've decided to combine business with pleasure and offer Scotland's only mobile record buying service.

Sell your records to Vinyl Records Scotland - mobile record buying service

I Come to you...

Sell your records to Vinyl Records Scotland - mobile record buying service

Quick. easY. clear.

How does it work? It's simple. I'll give you a phone or email quote, explain my prices, make an appointment, then come and buy your records and CDs. It's then my pleasure - and my job - to get those records into the hands of new owners to love all over again.

It's easy. Just get in touch - phone me on 07776 262 960, drop me an email at or use the form on the Contact page>.

I'll ask you where you are in Scotland or the north of England, roughly how many records you have, the general condition of the sleeves and vinyl and a few of the artists' names on the records (don't worry - you don't need a full list).

I prefer to buy large record collections but can pay for a courier for smaller amounts. I always try to buy everything you've got and will usually take the lot! I will go anywhere in Scotland to buy your Record and CD collection.

what happens when you arrive?

When I get to your house, I'll look through the records, assessing the titles and condition and what they are worth. I'll then put them in price piles according to value and make you a decent offer for everything saleable. Then I pay you cash, box them up and take them away.

where will you travel to?

Vinyl Records Scotland's main focus is Scotland and northern England - I've been to Islay, Aberdeen, Burntisland and Orkney to buy records. I travel all across the UK - I've been to Belfast twice - so if in doubt, get in touch!

Do I need to sort the records before you arrive?

No, leave it to me! I've been doing this since I was 19!

What is the largest / smallest number of records you will buy?

There is no fixed number. I prefer larger collections, but for smaller collections if I'm not passing soon I'll use a courier which I'll arrange and pay for. If in doubt, get in touch!

Do you buy records and CDs from other shops, dealers, etc?


What do you do with the records?

I sell them in my London record shop Rat Records or online. I keep the ones I like! Any records I can't sell I give to charity.

How Do you Pay?

Cash on the spot. I use a BACS transfer if records are collected by courier.

How long does it take?

It usually takes me between 45-90 minutes to check over a record collection. It can be longer if you have thousands or if the condition is very mixed.

What sort of records do you want?

LPs, 12" and 7" singles.

Rock, Reggae, Indie, Alternative, Jazz, Blues, Folk and Roots, Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop, Pop, all World Music, Jungle, Hardcore, DnB, Techno, House... I am very open minded.

What sort of records don't you want?

Easy listening, Classical, Opera, Scottish Dance bands and Trad, Musicals, 78s. Damaged records.