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Tom Fisher of Vinyl Records Scotland (and dog Juno) - waiting to buy your recordsTom Fisher of Vinyl Records Scotland (and dog Juno) - waiting to buy your records

Hello, I'm Tom Fisher of vinyl records scotland (aND That's my dog juno).

My record buYing service is quick, easy and offers you a fair price

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Thank you for coming to see us at such short notice. Watching the selection process was a fun experience - which actually became a little competitive as you picked out the totally awful and uncool albums from our combined collection. Feedback wise we couldn’t really fault anything in the whole process and would definitely recommend you to anyone thinking of dispensing with their vinyl.

Anne, Paisley

I was very impressed with your knowledge of a wide range of music and I reckon you could persuade even Pink Floyd to reform with your sales patter!

Jim, Glasgow

I wanted to get rid of an album collection that had been gathering dust for many decades. I did not fancy the hassle of Gumtree, eBay etc and there were no locals shops that would buy old vinyl. I discovered Tom from Vinyl Records Scotland who was prepared to travel to potential customers to buy albums. Tom's communication was excellent, he turned up when he said he would and was a pleasure to deal with.

Rick, nr. Perth

Tom is very friendly. He comes to you which is a godsend as I had a lot of vinyls to get rid off.

He explained the pricing to me and checked all my vinyls.He gave me a good price and took them all away.

Thanks Tom.

Agnes, southside

Hi Tom - I'm glad that some of the records will go to someone who can appreciate them as much as I did. As far as the selling process is concerned, it was a hassle-free experience and it was a pleasure dealing with you. I knew that there wasn't much value in my collection, however, you were very respectful and, ultimately, honest and transparent. It was a bit of a wrench letting these memories go, but I'm glad they went to someone who could introduce them to a new audience.

Derrick, Falkirk

Tom is highly knowledgeable, open and explains clearly what the state of the market is for your treasured vinyl. He even took my High Fidelity comment in good stead. Pluses for me were, the very reasonable settlement Tom offered and the fact that I'm not a CD buying )of certain musical genre) old bloke. It was a pleasure doing business with Tom and I'm happy to recommend him to potential sellers.

Tom, I hope my obscure metal albums find a ready market in your shops.

John, nr Aberdeen

Having decided to sell some records to make space for more records, but not really relishing trying to sell them online individually, or having to transport them to local 2nd hand shops for inspection and rejection, I was very interested when I heard about Tom. It only took 10 minutes using the website form to provide a few details of some of the records I wanted to sell. Tom got in touch by return and within a day or two we had a deal and an agreed date and time for him come and collect everything. The whole thing couldn’t have been any easier for me and I will definitely be back in touch if/when I need to make some more space.

Alan, Glasgow

Just a quick thanks for coming out and picking up the LPs. I found our transaction to be friendly and open and was happy with the valuation of the LPs. The fact that you had grouped the LPs in collectability/value order to show how the final valuation was arrived at was appreciated. So, very happy with the overall transaction and would happily contact Tom again if selling any additional items.

Neill, Angus

From the start of my enquiry, Tom replied promptly & informatively which reassured me that my treasured record collection was going the right place. I really appreciated the way he took the time to email & this personal approach made it very easy to conduct the transaction in a timely & efficient manner’.

Thanks Tom - you’re doing a good job!

Ros, Erskine

Having cleaned out the loft during lockdown I had come across many albums, 12" and 7" records that my wife and I no longer felt we would play again, and that it would be good to let someone else have the opportunity to listen once more to Yes and ZZ Sputnik :) I found Tom via the internet, liked the detail on his website and called to arrange a meeting having sent him a list of each one which was in the boxes, including an estimate of their quality. He checked it through and gave what we felt was a fair price. Then the second Lockdown hit and we had to re-arrange. Just a couple of days ago Tom came down to Prestwick, on a mini-tour of the west, and we concluded the deal. Positive points- a fair assessment, with rational explanations by email, contact by email off the site was prompt and calls in advance to plan a mutually convenient time were far enough in advance to give flexibility. Tom arrived fully masked and gloved and was very positive and motivated for the re-opening, checking through the three boxes to ensure the descriptions were accurate. Any negatives? None. Good guy to do business with, and would happily recommend him.

Murray, Prestwick

Communication with you was straightforward and clear from the start, and email exchange was easy and effective. I appreciated that although only a few of the records I had were of interest, you still came to see them. I would recommend your service to friends.

Teresa, Glasgow

If you have any vinyl that has been gathering dust in your attic, I recommend you contact Tom.

He is very personable, efficient, offers a fair price and knows his stuff.

He turned up when he said he would, looked through my records, offered me a price and explained how he had arrived at it. The deal was struck.

Susan, Lothian

Hi Tom! Thank you for buying my Records at a reasonable price. I like how you contacted me when I called and that you kept in touch. The most important thing to me was keeping the appointment and making the exchange.

Stevie, Fife

I recently sold my album collection to Tom and found the whole experience not only a pleasure but very interesting. I sent Tom a list of the albums I wanted to sell with a general remark on their condition, Tom replied asking for more specific details on condition & sent me a link to a web site telling me how to grade them accurately. This led to Tom offering me a value on several that were of interest & an explanation why some had no real re-sell value. I found price offered very fair based on his explanation of second hand vinyl market & valuing method. Tom took all my albums even the ones that were clearly naff & had no value at all. I have no hesitation recommending Tom to anyone interested in selling their collection.

Rod, Fife

A nice easy safe no hassle service, to let go of your unwanted records.

Ed, Bo'ness

Selling the family home and downsizing considerably was never going to be easy: but Tom Fisher made one thing a little easier - by buying my vinyl collection.

He offered a fair price and arrived to collect the albums when he said he would: and he gave good advice on the value of other audio equipment. I would happily recommend Tom's service  to anyone needing to part with their record collection.

Pam, Paisley

Thanks Tom, I think that you offered a very fair price for my collection and were very concise on how you approached the valuation. You provide an excellent service in that you came to my home to pick up the collection despite my rural location.

Iain, Lochgoilhead

A recent house move meant some necessary downsizing, including my collection of rock, pop and jazz vinyl albums. After experiencing only moderate interest from a couple of local dealers it was a pleasure to experience a prompt and professional service from Tom. From my initial inquiry to the final successful sale his communications were always clear and comprehensive, so when he called to examine and buy the vinyl (bang on time) I knew exactly what he wanted and what his (fair) prices would be. He made the whole process straightforward and painless, and I would recommend anyone with some surplus vintage vinyl to give Tom a try.

Stuart, Fife

If you’re thinking of selling your records, I highly recommend using Tom. He was extremely fair, honest and kind. Using his service made a daunting task easy.

Sam, Dumfries

"Was lovely to meet Tom. He was complimentary about some of the records and quite funny about some of the others! He gave what I considered to be a very fair price and I was more than happy with the transaction. "

Sadie, Falkirk

I enjoyed talking to you last week and especially appreciated the honest appraisal of my vinyl collection based on the current market. When I stopped buying vinyl, I never anticipated selling any, much less that it would have any monetary value over 30 years after the introduction of CDs. So, when I first had a look at your website with a view to checking the possibility of selling, I was most impressed with the overall ‘feel’ of what you were offering. After e-mailing you with a brief outline of what I had and what might be of any value, your prompt and detailed response made it clear to me that you knew what you were talking about and would give me a fair appraisal of my collection. After initial contact, it couldn’t have been any more than a few days and you were at my home to purchase my collection. Then you took the time to explain what you were doing and made a very detailed, informative and honest appraisal of what it was worth. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone with vinyl to sell.

David, Kirkcaldy

Hello Tom, Typically one of my nephews then said he was distraught I had sold the records and friends added their bit but I know what would have happened, they would have cherry picked and I would be left with loads of vinyl sitting there. So thank you for your efficient, knowledgable and pleasant service. I know there are lots of oldies like me out there sitting on piles of records all gathering dust and taking up precious storage. I would totally recommend a visit from you.

Gus, Elgin

Tom was really easy to deal with, very quick at replying and had a very structured, fair way of pricing my collection. It made it really simple to do a fair deal on both sides. Would definitely recommend him if you have any vinyl you want to sell.

Pauline, Ayr

Thanks Tom for your prompt response to my initial inquiry about selling my vinyl.  I found the process really interesting, and appreciated your friendly, professional approach.  I thought the price paid was a fair one. I was not sure that parting with my collection would be pain-free, but it turned out to be very straightforward.

John, Glenrothes

A pleasure to deal with. Sold my records to Tom who was very professional in every way. He responded very quickly to the online form which I completed, and arranged a viewing within two days. He explained what records were of interest in the current market and their value depending on condition. Happy to think that somebody else will get some pleasure from items that I was no longer using.

Douglas, Dundee

An absolutely brilliant way to sell your unwanted vinyl. Hassle free, as Tom will come and evaluate your collection in the comfort of your own home. He gave me an honest appraisal of my (very specialized) collection and a very fair price. Not bad considering my records had been in the loft for 25 years!

Davie, Falkirk

I found your explanation on purchasing the records simple and straight forward and was very pleased with the final result.

Bob, Leven

Hi Tom,

It was an absolute pleasure meeting & doing business with you. Good valuations on my records, and the fact you bought the whole collection made my wife very happy haha. Will definitely pass your details to any friends with vinyl collections. Excellent service.

Russell, Perth

It is nice to know that the records will be played again after 25 years in the cupboard. Thanks also for your prompt and efficient communications. I have mentioned you to a couple of my friends...

Tony, Aberdeen

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the loot, all received.
I would be very happy for you to quote me as follows:

Tom made selling my large collection of random vinyl a real treat and an entertainment at the same time. I learned things about the record industry, chatted about musical memories - and after all that was many Pounds Sterling better off. And he came into the wilds to collect. What a pro!

Dan, Inverness

Thanks Tom,

I hope they bring someone a bit of joy and I'm happy for my feedback to go on the site.

"Tom provided a fast and fuss free record buying service, and gave a very fair and clear price for my collection. It was a pleasure doing business with Tom and I would have no hesitation in recommending Vinyl Records Scotland to anyone thinking of selling their vinyl".

Richard, Forres

It was genuinely a real pleasure to deal with Tom Fisher. I had a pretty large collection of CD's - between 11,500 and 12,000. I badly needed to declutter our house. After a study of a number of web sites of companies claiming to purchase music collections , it rapidly became obvious that Tom Fisher was the most professional for dealing with both small and especially larger collections.

This proved to be exactly the case in practice. After the exchange of just a handful of e-mails, we had essentially agreed a deal. Tom Fisher travelled to our home and the CD's were packed on his van and money paid over in just over an hour. Tom proved to be not only an excellent person to deal with on a personal level but also a first class businessman. His many years of experience in the business really showed through.

It is hard to imagine that I could have improved on this transaction in any way. I would heartily recommend Tom to anyone looking to dispose of a music collection.

Robert, Edinburgh

Hello again Tom, just wanted to say another thank you for the way you handled the sale of my beloved son's collection of records, you made it all quite painless - all the very best.

Maggie, Stirling

Tom was really easy to deal with. We agreed a price based on the description I gave him then he organised the courier collection the next day. Nothing could be simpler!

Andrew, nr. Loch Torridon

Greetings Tom,

Well, where to start. I knew nothing about selling, let alone buying, vinyl records. Thanks to you and your wonderful site I now know a lot more. The whole process you guided me through was both informative, personal and very professional.

As a business model, how could you possibly improve. I know at least one political party who could do with your help. You answered all my questions! Very pleased with the financial outcome of it all, and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you.

Thanks again for everything.


Nicola, Aberdeen

 Tom was great to deal with, with very helpful e-mails and a sensible offer for my collection through to arriving bang on time on a Sunday morning to swap cash for vinyl. Definitely made the whole process painless and I would recommend him to anyone selling their old records.

Pete, Elgin

You arrived at my place exactly on time, you presented yourself as genuine, very friendly, informative, knowledgeable and efficient. I found your explanation of the value of my vinyls plausible and based on my research and recognition of your overheads I felt your offer was fair. I would be happy to have all my comments put on your website, though cos it's so good your customers might think you made it up!

David, Inverness

Tom made the experience of selling my record collection enjoyable, quick and painless. I appreciate the cash and the extra space in my house. He clearly knows what his customers are after and let me down gently that it wasn't my Whitesnake albums.

Katherine, Dumfries

Just to say "Thanks" for the friendly and easy way in which you purchased my old vinyl collection, I've now got a few quid in the pocket and hopefully someone else will soon be enjoying the records!

I've certainly no qualms about recommending you to anybody wishing to sell their collections!

Ruth, Glasgow

Glad you were pleased with the records & will be happy if they go to a good home.

It was easy to deal with you – you responded quickly & professionally – did what you said you’d do & our transaction was completely painless.

Calum, wee Highland village!

Tom gave me excellent service. He responded quickly, was a great communicator, offered a fair price, and came to collect my record collection at a mutually convenient time. He was thorough in asking me to assess the condition of the ollection – which was remarkably easy – quoted on the basis of that and didn’t quibble at all upon collection. Fast and efficient, polite and courteous, and I’d recommend him to anyone with vinyl to dispose of.

Paul, Moffat

Thanks to Tom's positive response to selling enquiries and willingness to come to our home to collect we were delighted to know some CDs will find continued use.

Chris and Al, Glasgow

It's easy. Just get in touch - phone me, drop me an email at or use the form on the Contact page>.

I'll ask you where you are in Scotland or the north of England, roughly how many records you have, the general condition of the sleeves and vinyl and a few of the artists' names on the records (don't worry - you don't need a full list).

I prefer to buy large record collections but can pay for a courier for smaller amounts. I always try to buy everything you've got and will usually take the lot! I will go anywhere in Scotland to buy your Record and CD collection.